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If you want your personal statement law school example to be perfect, you need to know the many different things that could harm the way the admission committees looks at it. From the structure to the use of a proper vocabulary, if you don’t know what can make a personal statement look bad (you can write some engineering personal statement examples as well or some others), you may don’t know how to write a perfect one.

So, in order to help you write an efficient law school personal statement example so you can follow your desires in being an advocate, lawyer, law assistant or whatever you want to become. However, it is important to note that more than half of law graduates tend to end up working in firms, and working in firms is one of the best ways to eventually get more and more opportunities.

But if you really want to make sure to get the best of opportunities, make sure to follow our great personal statement examples for law school plus our advice and things you should always take into account when writing one of these essays.

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Common Questions to Cover when Writing a Personal Statement

There are several questions that are mostly asked when you are going to write a personal statement. However, they tend to change depending on the field of study or program. But these are the most common when it comes to law school:

  • What makes you a great applicant for this program?
  • Why are you so interested in studying law in this university?
  • What makes you more enthusiasts about the field of study of law?
  • What do you hope for your future and how this career can help you achieve it?
  • What kind of experience or previous studies made you study this career? 

Remember that all of these questions may vary depending on your desired field or specific program of your choosing. Some of these questions can be answered generally while others would need a little more insight depending on what is exactly asked.

On the other hand, it is important to know that every answer for this question should be totally honest and without any fluff. The more honest and the more concisely every answer is written, the easier it will be for you to gain more opportunities on the program.

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5 Things you Should Know Before Applying for a Law School

We know how hard it can be to write a personal statement law school example. That’s why we’ve compiled some of the best law school personal statement examples tips so you can have it easier when writing. Make sure to take into account the following recommendations and get more opportunities:

1. Using words of others

It is important that every time you write a personal statement law school example, you write it by yourself. This will help you express your feelings and emotions, while also helping you create a more compelling story on your own experience and overall capacities.

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On the other hand, it is always important to avoid the use of quotes as these won’t impress anyone neither would they make anything look good. The more you avoid using counterproductive words of others or even quotes, the more opportunities you will have to explain yourself with your own words.

2. Not being concise

When you write a law school personal statement example, it is important to avoid any kind of fluff or unimportant information in the statement. The faster you go to the point and avoid using hard-to-understand words or making every statement boring to hear about – the more opportunities you make for people to read what you sent.

So, it is important that you choose correctly the type of words you want to use and a proper structure to demonstrate both your skills and your experience. Make sure your statement is easy to understand and easy to read.

3. Writing at the last minute

Even though you might as well be a perfect law writer or someone with enough grasp on the subject to stand out without having to research anything or take a look at the necessary questions to portray on the statement, you are not for sure. That’s why it is important to plan ahead what you are going to write about and research well enough about what you want to portray.

4. Not having a little grasp on the field

Law is a very extensive field which has lots of subcategories, so it is very important to learn whatever you can about your career before submitting an application. When you don’t show signs of knowledge on the subject, it is very likely that your personal statement doesn’t explain about many things and looks incomplete.

On the other hand, it is important to know that independently on the field of study, you should already grasp enough information about the whole law school in order to avoid being taken as a disaster applicant

5. Grammar and spelling mistakes

This is something almost unnecessary to explain. However, many students tend to forget about its importance and how much of an opportunity someone can lose when the grammar and spelling of the personal statement are not good enough.

Some local solicitor’s firm, for example, won’t ever hire someone with grammar mistakes or spelling errors, so why would a program choose you and accept you as their next student if you don’t know how to write correctly? To avoid this, make sure you proofread at least twice whatever you have written in order to make sure that these mistakes are not present at all.

Feel like this guide is good for you? Make sure you follow every one of these recommendations on how to write a personal statement law school example to the perfection and achieve that admission you desire so much.

Remember that the best you can do is to portray your enthusiasm at all times and be always researching in order to have a good grasp on whatever it is you want to study.