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If you want to apply for a Medical School, you may not only be interesting in IMG fellowship programs, but actually, you would want to find out about one of the most important things when applying for a medical school - about the personal statement example medical school, as it will be the thing that says more about you.

Admission committees, for example, take the example of personal statement for medical school very seriously, as it not only talks about the student but about almost everything else around the student and how important he/she can be to the program. However, if you need a GPA above 3.7 writing a personal statement, it demands many things apart from all these. So, in order to help all those students and applicants who are in search of great opportunities, we’ve decided to make a list with unknown facts about the medical school and how to overcome the most common problems while writing personal statements.

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Stages of Writing a Personal Statement

When writing medical school personal statement example or any other (for instance personal statement law school example, we need to know about the different stages we have to go through if we want to finish rapidly and with all the necessary information portrayed. However, this list can be a little hard to understand all at once, so we’ve broken it into 5 different pieces:

1. The introduction

This part is essential in your personal statement. It is utterly important that you portray and describe part of what you want to talk about in the rest of the personal statement. It can be a paragraph or two where you state your intentions as writers or whatever you think you are right now.

This helps you make a better personal statement example for medical school by eventually making our intentions clear and making a sort of guide to what we are going to portray further in the statement.

2. Engaging the reader

In this part is where you start to say about the stories or experiences you’ve had that actually have something to do with relevance with the career. You should include both personal and professional experiences where medicine has helped you in any way. This can be very beneficial that’s why it is important to engage the reader properly.

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To do this you should write about your skills, your experiences and then how you used skills to get out of a situation or to solve any problem. State how this experience has changed you and how much interest it woke up inside you. This will engage the reader of your personal statement.

3. Explain what drives you to study medicine

This part is where you need to explain how your interest in the field begun. While writing your example of personal statement for medical school, you need to make sure that you portray exactly an experience or a certain memory that you believe was the starting point of your interest for such a career. However, it is also important to note different reasons in order to wake up more interest.

In this part what’s recommended is that you explain both experiences you’ve had in your life that may not have anything to do with an academic life, and then explain how anything relevant to your academic life eventually led you to want to study this career and how much you desire to accomplish thanks to those experiences.

4. Wrap up your personal statement with a conclusion

This part is essentially where you need to put it all together by explaining concisely everything you’ve said before but with ideas on your long-term goals and long-term achievements alongside your previous experiences and accomplishments in the field that eventually make you an important applicant for this career.

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Remember to always maintain your skills and abilities plus your passions and what drives you exactly to keep going through with such goals in your life, this way you can make some kind of summary of everything you’ve said before but with more concise and direct approach. Make sure to end up your personal statement by showing what you want to accomplish and how you want to accomplish it, this will help the admission committee to know that you actually care.


  • Introduction: Make the reader know what you want to portray further in the article and how you are going to portray it. Remember to be brief but descriptive enough to make them understand what you are going< to say.
  • Engaging the reader: This part is when you talk about your experiences and how your interest for the field started. This is where you explain part of your skills and how you used them to get out of a certain situation as a medic.
  • Explain what drives you to study medicine: As it says, you need to explain how your interest in the field started and why. However, this part can be both description and explanatory with many details of both your academic and personal life.
  • Wrap up your personal statement with a conclusion: This is where all the previous information gets together to form the final thoughts on the personal statement where you explain about what you want to accomplish and how in a concise but descriptive manner. 

Furthermore, remember that a personal statement example for medical school talks about mainly your medicine knowledge and grasp on the subject plus any experience you may have had in the past that make you a great applicant for the program. Make sure you write in a compelling manner but always maintaining a proper professionalism that portrays your personality.

Now that you’ve taken a good look at the different main important things to portray on your personal statement example medical school, it is the time that you start your own and make a perfect one to accomplish that opportunity on the program of your choosing.

Make sure to follow our recommendations through and our guide on the different stages when writing a personal statement to make the best statement possible!