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The personal statement is a kind of essay and one of the most important requirements we need to comply with if we want to win an admission in the university of our desire. However, when it comes to nursing school it is very important that we know the differences and the important details we have to take into account.

That’s why here we are going to show you various nursing personal statement examples for you to take a look and figure out how you should write one of these. Remember that for an undergraduate or graduate program, you are required to send one of these nursing school personal statements, so you can comply with the selection criteria and be seen by the admissions tutors who are supposed to select the best applicants.

However, there are normally more than 250 applications per admission year, and about only 60 are accepted. So if you want to be among the best, you should know how to correctly write one of these essays and stand out.

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Basic Questions to Answer on a Personal Statement

The most common personal statement for nursing school examples of questions are the ones which directly ask for an opinion of the applicant about the program they are going to choose and about their goals. However, they may be structured like these:

  • What did you decide to study nursing?
  • What skills or values make you a great applicant and nurse practitioner?
  • What about your experience or research has changed the way you think of nursing?
  • What about your previous studies or projects have changed your understanding of nursing? 

To answer these personal statement examples for nurse practitioner questions, we recommend using your past experiences, challenges, constraints, difficult projects or times you’ve been through and how you managed to overcome them, always in relevancy to the nursing field.

On the other hand, it is immensely important to take into account your experience in a hospital, clinic, GP practice or any other type of experience that could be of great relevance to the questions. You should make the admission committee know that you’ve already worked in the field and that you can add more to it. Remember, all of these questions should be answered as honest as possible. Make sure you make the admission committee know that you are a great applicant and a wonderful addition to the program of your choosing by using your own experience backed up with research and your own conclusions (verifiable) to problems you’ve faced.

personal statement examples for nurse practitioner

What to Do and What Not to Do in Personal Statements for Nursing Schools

Remember that nursing school personal statement examples or drafts are the best way to make sure that your essay looks good enough. However, it is also important to take other things into account when writing, as there are many ways you can make mistakes when writing or portraying your experience without even knowing it.

These are the Do’s and Don’ts of writing personal statements for nursing school:


  • Make your essay look unique. Your admission tutors must give you their thumbs up and let you know that it is not only original but remarkable. Make everyone know about your passion for nursing and how you like to work in this field so much. Exploit your experience and portray the many good things you’ve learned through the years that make you love it.
  • Use strong, clear and concise language. Don’t hesitate in writing with a simple language always making sure that everything you write about is totally understandable and easy-to-read without overlooked words or hard-to-understand statements that could make you look arrogant or worst if you use them wrongly.
  • Write about your academic life and how much you’ve prepared yourself to pursue such an important career. Let the admission committee how much you’ve given to be there and how much you’ve done to deserve such an opportunity. Write about your experience and about your struggles as a nursing practitioner.


  • Don’t try to copy anyone or tell lies about your own experience. This can make you look really bad in the eyes of the admission committee and eventually keep you away from such an opportunity.
  • Avoid using the same writing style of other people. Write in your style, avoid using words that others use and the statements other people make. The more original you are, the better it is for you and the easier it will be to achieve an opportunity.
  • Don’t leave any important information about your experience or past projects that are relevant to the field. The more you portray on your personal statement the more opportunities you will have to be accepted.

All of the admission committee editors make sure that every one of the essays is written correctly, with no grammar or spelling mistakes. However, the most important thing they take into account is the ability of the applicant to portray his/her experience in a way that looks both compelling and true to the reader. This way, the editors choose the ones that better fit with their requirements.

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Remember to proofread and re-read your personal statement for nursing school examples at least two times before sending it.

5 Essential Essay Recommendations

Now, we’re going to give especial advice on how to write a perfect nursing personal statement. Make sure to follow it and get that opportunity you so desire.

1. Your experience is the most valuable thing

If you want the admission tutors and the entire admission committee to get compelled by what you write, make sure to portray a lot of your experience and how you managed to get things done in your field of work. Write both about what you’ve done and accomplished, and what have made you a better nursing practitioner like mistakes and experiences you’ve learned from.

2. Focus on your field

When writing your nursing school personal statement examples, make sure that you don’t deviate yourself to other medical fields or write about things that are not relevant to the point you want to make. Always stay on your field and make sure to portray your knowledge and experience correctly.

3. Do your research

If you want to be more accurate and say things that really matter. Do a research before writing your personal statement in order to have more opportunities. In addition, link whatever you research to your experience and accomplishments. It will make the admission committee know that you care about your career.

4. Add evidence

You may think that it is not important, but admission committees tend to be really picky when it comes to choosing the right applicants. And when applicants lie or say things that are not verifiable, they tend to put their statements aside and focus on the ones who actually put verifiable and honest information.

5. Portray your values as a nurse

When you’re a nurse, you should know the basic values a nurse should follow when treating patients and practicing in a hospital, clinic, GP practice or just anywhere. From treating patients with respect, strive for excellence, show compassion and commitment, but most importantly – that you put your patients at first!

With all of these suggestions and the previous advice/insights on how to write nursing personal statement examples, you should already know how to make your own stand out from the crowd. 

Follow our recommendations and make sure you write the best personal statement for nursing school possible!