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Chemistry is one of the most common and biggest careers everyone can choose. With almost half of all students of this career choosing to get to the highest levels of the field, this career offers one of the most interesting and longer careers with one of the best salaries. However, to study this career it is important to first pass the admission process.

And in order to pass the admission process, you need to give a great chemistry personal statement example so you can be selected as a great applicant by the admission committee which chooses the ones who offer more to their desired programs. Students who write the best personal statement have more chances to be admitted than those who do not excel at it.

But just like everything else, you will need to know how to write a perfect chemistry admission essay if you want to be enrolled in the program or course of your choosing. And in order to make it easier for you, we’ve come with some great advice and rules to make every personal statement look wonderful. Take a look further to find out more!

chemistry personal statement example and advice for writing

Stages of Writing a Personal Statement Chemistry Example Format

Most chemistry graduate school personal statement example success rate depends on how good the applicant writes his personal statement. The more effort he puts into the task, the more likely he is to achieve great opportunities. However, all that effort can be for nothing if he doesn’t follow the proper process of writing a personal statement. This process is confirmed of:

1. Take into account the questions that are asked

When you are going to write your chemistry PhD personal statement example, you need to make sure what is the program or course asking you to write about in your application. All colleges have different rules for the personal statements, but almost all questions are the same. That’s why you should be aware of not writing the same statement for different schools, and that every question is answered depending on what was exactly asked.

2. Create a story

When you write a statement, you are most likely writing about yourself, your experiences, your achievements, your academic life, and so on. However, it is important to make sure that all of these are written in a way that feels compelling and fascinating. Make sure to portray your applicant’s motivations, your drive and your interest for the career with passion in order to make the admission committee know that you actually care.

chemistry graduate school personal statement example

This way you can make yourself a better option for the admission committee, as they will start seeing you as one who cares about his opportunity. Use narrative and they will for sure take you into account.

3. Make a list of specific details

When it comes to writing a chemistry personal statement example, you need to make sure that every time you give a statement or a thought of yours, it is specified why exactly you think that. For example, when you write about your interests in the career, you need to make sure that exactly what you are saying is exactly what you want to say, but specified, don’t give inconclusive thoughts.

4. Find the right tone for your introductory statement and stick to it

One of the most important things that will eventually help you to increase your success with the statement is to use the right tone. First of all, make sure it is interesting, add some creative ways to make your story feel good and portray it. However, it all starts on how it begins, so make sure that your first paragraph, especially the first two sentences are interesting enough to grab attention.

5. Make sure to state your knowledge

Even though it is important to write with narrative, talking about your experiences in the field plus the many different achievements you’ve accomplished so far, it is also important that you talk about the things you know. Make a list of the things you can talk about in your statement and eventually add them in a way that looks fluid and very interesting to the admission committee.

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Remember, you can tell as much as you want as long as it is not irrelevant. You can talk about courses, seminars, talks, projects, and just whatever you can but make sure it is relevant to the field. This will give your statement a sense that you actually know what you’re doing.

6. Get some things out

As much as you need to write about your experiences and your knowledge, there are certain things that are not relevant or important at all. From experiences you’ve had in high-school, accomplishments in other fields, controversial subjects, unimportant stories and personal stuff are not important at all. Let these entirely out and make sure it is proper for other people to read.

7. Research before starting to write

Now, you know how you’re going to write your statement, what you want to write about, what you are going to let out of the statement and how will it eventually portray your story. However, it is also important to make a little research at least before writing it. Make sure that everything you talk about, from your experiences to any concept you talk about is correctly and doesn’t have any mistake.

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8. Start to write

Then, after doing all of these steps before, you can now start to write your chemistry graduate school personal statement example with no problems. In a biochemistry degree, for example, it is important that you show your skills as a writer, this will help you make of yourself a better option for future research in your field. The better you write the more opportunities you will have.

9. Proofread and eliminate mistakes

Now that you’ve started to write, you will need to proofread. It is important that you write creatively and avoiding the most common grammar and spelling mistakes plus any error on the structure or formatting. These will be easier to spot when doing a proofreading, for at least two times. Make sure that your statement is exempt from any type of mistake. Now that you’ve come so far to know how to write the perfect chemistry personal statement example, you can easily write your own by taking into account these steps to the letter.

Make sure you comply with every one of these and for sure your personal statement will shine in the eyes of the admission committee.